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Is there anything wrong with carbs before a workout? To me it makes sense to eat them before a workout, but I remember reading somewhere that a protein/fat meal should be eaten before working out. Also, What is wrong with carbs before bed?

Basically, the idea behind not eating carbs before a workout has to do with maintaining stable blood sugar & insulin levels. If you eat a carb meal an hour before a workout, blood sugar seems to take a dip, and you might feel a bit tired. As I understand it, you might not be able to work with as much intensity. The secret is to eat a liquid C+P meal right before you workout, this way the carbs and protein will be able to feed the muscle, and you’ll avoid the negative ‘low’ because exercise has a tendancy to dull the effects of insulin.
It’s best not to eat carbs before bed because insulin sensitivity in the muscle declines later in the day, so there is a greater likelihood for the carbs to be stored rather than as energy to be used for protien synthesis. Plus, your activity level drops to nil, so at that point the carbs are just ‘extra energy’.

Go read the article at T-mag called “The Essential Berardi”. Sums all this up nicely and explains why a carb meal before a workout isn’t optimal. Note: I’m not talking about taking half a Surge before training, but eating a carby meal a couple of hours before. The Surge is ideal, the carby meal isn’t.

So, I should drink some carb powder (maltodextrin?) right before I work out, and probably right after too?

Did u even read the article?I think it states to eat p+f meal before workout,the carbs after.