what are some good carbs you guys eat before working out? Im gonna start track soon too and should i eat more carbs then what i do for lifting, before practise starts? thanx.

You should eat more carbs but not necessarily before practice starts. Spread the intake throughout the day and especially within 2 hours after your workout. If you’re not feeling energetic before your track workout possibly the worst thing you can do is eat and/or drink a lot of high carbohydrate foods as this will likely cause a rebound effect making you eventually feel worse, use a neural stimulating substance like power drive instead.

I find a P+F meal 2-3 hrs before WO gives me good energy to fuel the WO and then I do the carbs immediately after the WO to replenish glycogen and jump start protein synthesis by doing a Surge right away and then eating a high quality P+C meal 1 hr after that.