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Carbs While Training


What are the best type of carbs to have while training. Chris Shugart recommends having carbs before,during and post workout. I was thinking dextrose mixed in with the water i drink during a workout?

Any thoughts?


I usually find powdered Gatorade to do just fine. I don't measure it out I just pour it in and look for a sweeter taste than normal.


It's never recommended to have a nutrient intake (besides the electrolytes) while training. The reason is simple, if you "eat" while training, your blood is going to go to your digestive system and you will have troubles at training.

So don't believe the hype, having an intra-workout powder is not neccesary at all. Just have a gatorade (which is full of electrolytes) and after your workout you can have everything you want.
Hope this helps!


I doubt that a typical weight training session will deplete electrolytes to the point that they need replacement during or post workout. Spiking insulin is important, however, and simple carbs like maltodextrin and dextrose (along with protein/BCAAs) can do that quite nicely. As long as you don't overdo it, most can tolerate moderate amounts both pre, during, and post workout. You can get malto/dextrose in bulk online for a fraction of the price of Gatorade. As for your blood going to your digestive system and somehow hurting your workout, any small effect this may have would be more than offset by the benefits of getting nutrients to your muscles in a timely manner.


Why not believe the "hype"? If your diet is dialed in, these powders do help.

Also, eating during your workout doesn't make a difference. Does it to you? Sometimes i eat in between exercises, makes no difference.


isnt the general consensus now that this "precious" insulin spike isnt as highly regarded as it once was? isnt the whole point of the ANACONDA Protocol to increase protein synthesis in the absence of carbs?

edit: im just being a shit disturber lol


Are you recommending having gatorade during the workout? If so, then you are completely contradicting yourself.

If you arent saying that but are saying that having a whey/simple carb shake during the workout is a bad thing, you are plain wrong.

Please post pictures of your progress.


WOOOOOOOOOW, teh Broscience is heavy in this thread!

Now, I won't go through the effort and pull up studies, so just take it from me and more experienced lifters:

-Replenishing electrolytes DURING training is important and not redundant.

-Simple carbs and and fast-acting proteins like whey can be ingested during training without "drawing blood away from the muscles".
Solid foods and slow-digesting nutrients are a bad idea during and shortly before training, that is true.

-The insulin spike is real and substantial for growth.

OP, you can probably find tastier alternatives to dextrose in water. At the Oly gym I train, the guys swear by Malz Bier (malt beer).

Personally, I mix 2 parts whey with 1 part cocoa powder ( contains maltodextrin) and a pinch of sea salt for my work out fuel. Mixed in with cold water obviously, not milk.