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Carbs: Thinking of Trying a New Approach


Alright, so I've hit a major plateau! I've been at the same weight for almost two months now. I'm sure I've put on some muscle (also just started creatine - BCAA's about a month ago) but I've gotta get the rest of this fat off. Got about 20 lbs to go.

I was eating my carbs in the AM on training days and then PWO. I think I may need to just cut out one of those times for now. Just to get this fat loss going again. I workout in the evening so my PWO meal isn't usually until 8pm. (I drink 1 scoop Surge right after I'm done lifting too - and have 1 scoop Surge Workout Fuel during). My question is...when do you guys think it would be smarter to eat the carbs? Breakfast or PWO meal? It'll still be a carb cycling approach since I don't have Surge's on my nonlifting days.

Any other advice you have I'm open to also. Something's gotta give here...I'm getting so frustrated. I've changed up my program - so hopefully that'll get things rolling too.

Training is full body 3x a week, 2 days metabolic circuit, 1 day HIIT sprints


If manipulating macros I would do it:

On lifting days - P+C breakfast, PWO shake and PWO meal(s)
On HIIT/metabolic circuit, P+C PWO shake and maybe PWO meal(s) depending on intensity
On days off - P+C throughout

Could also manipulate the quality of your carbohydrate sources.

Or not touch anything at all and drop calories or up intensity/volume/NEPA?

Or perhaps you could try some of the better structured carb cycling outlined by thibs in his carb cycling codex or pick up the book by shelby starnes?


Sorry thats P+F throughout on non training days.

Obviously P+F all other meals.


The PWO carbs are the most important. All others aren't essential...actually none of them are, but in terms of training you get the 'gist. If you are so concerned with your weight, have you considered going on a PSMF for 1-2 weeks?

If your diet routine has stalled, you need to make changes. The #1 most important change will be dropping calories and you shouldn't only consider carbohydrates.


Screw it! I may just do the V-Diet. Just read about it in full today. I need something hardcore like that right now!!


I'd be tempted to drop carbs in breakfast, or maybe even lay off the SWF pre-workout (especially if the workouts aren't too taxing)


How many weeks have you been dieting?

Are you getting ready for a contest?

You changed your training and now you are going to change your diet? You are changing two factors at once, how do you know which one is working?