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Carbs Question


I know carbs are important to muscle building, particularly pre and post workout to replenish stores and what not. My question is, are they just as vital all the rest of the time? If for example I ate carbs on workout days, and filled my off days with primarily protein and fat, would that be detrimental to building muscle. basically, are carbs essential on recovery days, provided I maintain adequate calories through protein and fat. Or is it vital on those days but in smaller amounts?


How about you quit mentally masturbating and do what 99% of bodybuilders do.

1-1.25 grams pro per pound.

20-30% fat.

Rest carbs.

Are carbs vital for life? NO. Only protein and fat are. Are they necessary to get big? Yes. And there aren't any big guys who didn't eat a shitload of carbs.


And by the way - why are you concerned with this?


Im not the leanest of guys, but I dont want to slow muscle gains by eating too few carbs. Bodyfat is ~12%. So i was just curious if carbs are a vital part of the rebuilding process.


follow brick's recommendation.

There is no perfect combination of macros that will allow you to gain less fat on a bulk...just accept that and move on...


Without carbs your muscles can't replenish their glycogen stores. A muscle that's not hydrated and doesn't have any glycogen in it won't grow very well. Without carbs you also can't take advantage of insulin in a productive manner.


IME as long as you refill glycogen directly pwo and then for the next few hours afterwards you will be ok . on rest days lower your carbs to about 50% of what you have on training days (as you dont need as many) and up your fats just be sure to get your protein n cals right ( depending on your goals ) . carbs are not bad and will not make you fat if use the right amounts at the right time .