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Carbs, Protein, and Fat Ratios

I’m trying to lean out and maintain the muscle that i have like all of us.

I’m currently down 14 lbs and have gotten a little bit stronger on my bench suprissingly.

Im going in to a new phase and want to start cutting im at 9% body fat according to the calipers and i figuered my BMR is 1650

Im trying to set my nutrition to 1450 calories daily.

What % ratio should i use, i was thinking

50% Protein 30%Fats 20% Carbs

Any advice?

you must be light. 9% not lean enough?

and 40 carbs/30 protein/30 fat is working very well for me right now.

all but about 15-20g carbs/day are coming from fruits and vegetables for me.

You don’t need to cut.

i have very lil chub in certain areas i have to get rif of. i figuered if i go on a diet for 3-4 weeks harsh i will completely ripped.

Guys you all missed the fact that he wants to put his energy intake 200 kcals below his BMR. That is a mistake. When dieting you should use a calorie deficiet, but usually only a moderate one, not one that is below BRM, that is just plain stupid.

That isn’t a bad macro split, I seriously doubt you need to be dieting, should probably be slow bulking or eating at maintenance for a while and training hard. You might just put on some muscle while losing some fat.

With your current plan you will easily over diet and lose what little lean mass that you have. Do not go through with your plan. You need to step back and completely reevaluate your current situation.

Post height, age, weigth, and the caliper readings if you are feeling ambitious.

Do not go through with your current plan.

Check this out:

…and if you are really at 9% body fat I don’t think you should be cutting either, but do as you will.

If you really are 9% you already should “have leaned out”

wow, heaven forbid someone want to drop more body fat. Geez people, if he wants to be lower than 9% who are you to say otherwise, everyone has their own goals.

That being said, what’s your height/weight now?

dropping below 9-10 calories per lb of bodyweight wouldn’t be the best idea to help preserve muscle

If cutting make sure those carbs are in the morning and around workouts, but definately post height, weight etc. because sometimes it may be that you need to actually bulk.

One of the authors here I forgot exactly who so this is a quotation from one of them said that you can’t sculpt a pebble, making the point that 150lb new trainee should focus on gaining muscle first even if they aren’t as ripped as they’d like to be at the current moment. I don’t know if you fall into this category but it’s something to think about.

Thanks guys,

Im very muscular on top, i had knee surgery not so long ago so ive lost all my leg strength so i dont work on legs often where i beleive, you carry the bulk of your weight ill post pics to put it in perspective.