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Carbs Problem

Hi, i wanna cut some extra body fat and i give me 2 months. I train in the morning, just after my breakfast. I take my higher carbs portion right before and right after my workout and it decreases until the end of my day. I try to keep my carbs intake between 200-275g per day without veggies. So that’s my actual schedule. I train 3 times a week with weights and 2 to 3 times i do cardio with empty stomac when i wake up. I do 20 minutes of weight vest walking, and on my cardio day, i take less carbs than my weights day.

So here what i want to do for the next 2 months.
-i wanna take very low carbs and high protein and 15% fat meal just before my workout, and take my biggest carbs meal right after my training. And use my actual carbs plannif for the rest of the day. For a total of 200-275 g of carbs per day without veggies.

So what do you think about that, any suggestions or comments?
thank you!

Have you read much on this site?
a P+F meal pre workout is beneficial for fat loss, and sometimes even a better workout cause there is no increase in seratonin.

Taking the majority of your carbs , postworkout and in the next meal, would be the most ideal situation.

Then on your off days have your first two meals with P and carbs, I don’t think you need 275 g a day. 150 would probably do.

Make sure your getting enough healthy fats in your later meals. I like one source for each meal either Flax, Carlson cod liver Oil, or Raw Nuts. each with a solid protein and high fiber veggies.

thank you , i begin this morning!!!
For the healthly fat i think i have all i need! thanks again!