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Carbs Or Not?



One of my friends who I work out with is to trying to lose some fat and has a few queries and so I thought I'd post them up in the hope of some sensible answers or guidance

We both work out in the evening and so most of the carb intake is around this time.

He is already on a calorie deficit but is not sure about this.
Should he still consume carbs just before during and after his workouts or should he just have the carbs in the post workout shake.

Also he his doing HIIT work after each weight session yet another guy at my gym say's it's actually better to do any cardio before your workout. What is best option?

Thanks in advance


its best to have carbs post workout not right before.


You want carbs post-workout or during it. You want protein pre-workout.
A good plan would go like this:

Protein shake (20-30 grams of protein) 30 min prior to your workout

Carbs+Protein Drink 0-45 minutes post workout.
Or have half your drink during your workout and the other half directly post workout.

In regards to the HIIT training do you really want to sweat that much prior to lifting weights? That's why I like doing it after my workout.

You can also do the workouts and the HIIT training at different times of the day.


Thanks for the response powda

So are you saying in the case for losing fat it's best to drop the carbs in the pre workout shake?

Also is the any difference in doing HIIT before or after your workout (other than the sweating thing).

Is 20mins HIIT to little?


If you're on a fat loss phase, and are going to do either a pre or post workout shake, go with pre-workout. The research is very clear that pre-workout carb/protein drinks provoke a greater anabolic response than having a shake post workout.

As for the HIIT, it's best done on separate days if you can swing it, but if not, after weight training would be more ideal than before (for the very obvious reason that such a demanding cardio workout is going to effect performance during your weight training session).



Carb can be had before IF they improne gym performane a LOT then its worth the little less fat loss during youy will get the long term effects will be greater due to the better w/o.

HIIT should be done seperate from weights both need their Own HIGH attention and each will pull from the performance of the other.

Once again my 2 cc find what work for you TRY IT.