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Carbs or No Carbs when Dieting


Evenin people’s.
I have a substantial amount of weight to lose.
Curious if oatmeal with almond butter and real honey is ok for breakfast.
Are red and go,den potatoes ok to eat when dieting?
Just want to get this diet right.
Thank you

A bit more info, ok
I’m 50
6’6" and 380
Will get down to 280.
19 surgeries including knee replacement so I won’t be jogging anytime soon.
I have a concept2 rower coming tomorrow and a powertec workbench at home to do my lifting.


Since you have given us virtually no real info, I am just going to say… Anything is “ok” as long as you understand portion size. Is a 1/2 cup of oatmeal ok? sure. Is a box of oatmeal ok? Hell no. 1tbsp Almond? Yep. The jar of almond butter? No.

We have no idea what you are dealing with here.


Google “harris benedict calculator” and use that to find a calorie level to lose weight with. Use myfitnesspal to log every single thing you eat on your diet. Weigh and measure. No estimates.

If you eat less calories then you burn you will lose weight. It’s physics.

If you lift and want to get results you need to eat around 1g/lb of body weight in protein. Fill in the rest of calories with carbs and fat.

That’s the math side it’s super simple.

Once you’ve lost the weight you need to address the behaviors that got you fat and change them or you’ll be fat again in no time. Logging food is unsustainable long term (for 99.9%). But smaller portion sizes, avoiding junk and moving more is sustainable. It needs to be your priority if you want to keep the results. Ask me how I know lol.


This. It’s way too easy to “estimate” and end up consuming 500 more calories then you thought.

After a couple of months, you’ll be on autopilot.

And screw jogging. It’s bad for you. Walk. Walk a lot.

Get a treadmill and walk while watching tv. Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk to the store.

Start a training log here and we’ll support you.


I’m a big fan of ketogenic diets. I feel that it’s not only a great way to lose weight, but also to become healthier in general. After you’ve become keto-adapted, you notice big benefits. For me, it helped clear brain fog, get my blood lipids under control and clear inflammation issues.
The first thing you’ll notice is the water weight you’ll drop. This is due to systemic inflammation being reduced. You’ll then notice you’re not as hungry as much as much as you were before…sometimes even forgetting to eat meals because you’re just not as fixated on them. This is because when you eat a high carb diet your brain constantly craves those carbs to keep it fueled. Once you’re keto adapted, your body just grabs fat stores for energy when it needs it. So that’s a two fold benefit, you’re eating less while burning more stored fat.
Another benefit is your HDL cholesterol will go up (so long as you’re eating lots of heart healthy fats), and your Triglycerides will go down (these are elevated when you eat processed carbs as they are part of the system that turns blood sugar into stored fat). i remember seeing a study on people that live to be 100+ and almost all had a HDL of greater than 100, and a Triglyceride level of less than 60. Contrary to what we’ve been taught for the past 60 years, the way to get there is by having a whole food, high fat, low carb diet.
And as far as carbs go…it’s a tough subject simply because everybody is different. We could both be in a state of ketogenesis, and eat a potato…it may barely move my blood glucose level, yet throw yours wildly out of baseline. 0 calorie sweetners are another example…some people see no insulin response from them, while others get spikes. It’s a very personalized thing. The only way to figure it out is to get that baseline, then see what happens when you try different things.
I will say it’s a very difficult first couple of weeks. Your brain does not give up carbs easily. Sugar and refined carbs are a chemical addiction. If you’d like more info, I can point you in the right direction.


I was on keto for about 3 months dropped 25lb fast now I’m doing cycling carbs on workout days only haven’t put on any more weight in a year. I eat no carbs on non workout days vegetables meat and healthy fats

There are good and bad carbs , if you need carbs eat oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potato, wheat bread on occasion , cut out sugar, fast food, fried food and sweet drinks. Drink water. Unsweet tea blk coffee
Eat Whole Foods. Make this a normal day and your body will change right before your eyes