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Carbs/Net Carbs

I’ve started tracking my food intake again, since I got an iPhone, using the Lose It! application.

Yesterday (a workout day) was 2981kcal/309PRO/170CHO/25FIB/121FAT/29SAT. So fine, I can live with that as i’m carb cycling. If anything a little more cals would have been good, but I ran out of chicken breasts.

Today is more confusing. I have been diligent in not eating really carby foods today, the majority coming from Lettuce/Tomatoes/Mushrooms/Onions, with traces in burgers/protein shakes/nuts. I’ve come out at 83g Total Carbs, with 22g Fibre, so that would equal 61g net carbs? The trace carbs only add up to around 20-25. I’ve been trying to keep low-carb days under 50g, should I worry unduely? I was under the impression that the veggies i’d been eating were in effect ‘free’ and that I could load up on them, as I did at dinner, with 4 cups total veggies.

The rest of my macros are Total: 2747kcal 330PRO/128FAT/29SAT/83CHO/22FIB.

Weighing 203lbs @ 13-14%, goal is fat loss/re comp

I’m probably being an overanalysing puss, but would apprieciate someone casting an eye over it.

Tomatoes,Mushrooms,Onions are not free calories. They all contain more carbs and sugars then other carb sources do. When you are trying to keep your total intake under 50g you really cant count veggies as free foods. Veggies that have low calories that are better to eat are spinach leaves, broccoli and cauliflower. Even then you always have to watch how much you eat. Tomatoes, mushrooms and onion calories will add up fast.

[quote]sidewalkdances wrote:
I’ve come out at 83g Total Carbs, with 22g Fibre, so that would equal 61g net carbs? [/quote]


Methods required for providing the figures on labels count fiber as carbohydrates. But fiber is not absorbed and therefore those grams, 22 of them in your above example, should not be counted towards daily carbs.

Screw it, i’m not going to worry about 11g of carbs from veggies. Chances are i’ll still lose weight/re-comp like I want too. If not, then I know I have to be more careful on my veggies intake.

I swear I saw something by Shelby Starnes saying that you could load up on mushrooms and onions! I had a feeling tomatoes counted big style. Basically a lot of Romaine Lettuce got eaten yesterday, along with half an onion, 3 baby plum tomatoes and some chopped bell peppers.

There are tomato products that add up to quite a bit, but a tomato itself does not.

A large red tomato (3" diameter), raw, has only 4.8 g of net carbs, according to the USDA Nutrient Database.

yea tomato SAUCE is the culprit methinks, with all the added sugar. ever made tomato sauce? without sugar, it tastes like… sour tomato sauce!

In other carby news, green beans are a calorie and carb festival! 2 cups are well over 200kcal, 100g carbs, 54g fibre. I had no idea! We’ll see what I end up weighing tomorrow! Since tracking daily weight and making sure I hit 300g protein, I’ve gained about a pound, but a touch leaner, judging by vascularity in hands and forearms.