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Carbs, Lipids & Postprandial Insulinemia

Hey there, I remember JB said that ADDITION of dietary fats to starchy carbs (HIGH GI and II) meals can actually increase the insulinemic response to the meal, although it actually lowers the glycemic responses.
Well, I haven’t really found any scientific EVIDENCE that’s true.
I know that foods that are high in fats AND carbs have a high II (insulinemic index), BUT it still doesn’t supporting Berardi’s claim.

I’m SURE berardi wrote that because it HAS scientific reason, I just want to know what his claim based on.


No one?!


Insulin response has as much to do with total energy intake as to do with GI of the meal. If by adding fat (high energy density) to a high GI carb (lower energy density) your are significantly increasing the total energy consumed then you will get a corresponding increase in insulin response.

ummm… Let’s say I would like to see a research like that:

first group (The CONTROL group) - Consumed a High GI and II carby meal.
second group - Consumed the same GI and II meal but added 250 kcals from carbs.
the last group consumed the same high GI and II meal, but added 250 kcals from FATS.

I would like to see the glycemic and the insulinemic responses.