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Carbs in Sugar-Free Gum?


How detrimental are the carbs in sugarfree gum when your main goal is fat loss?

I could easily chew a pack of Trident a day to help curb various cravings. And also sometimes to get the aftertaste of MAG-10 out of my mouth...

Anyway, really the only other carb sources I get are from 3 - 4 scoops of Metabolic Drive per day in morning and evening shakes and veggies.

I'm going to start weaning myself off, or at least switch to Spry or something... but I was curious nonetheless.


I go through a pack a day easy when dieting.



if it is a real low carb diet, where every carb is counted the sugar alcholes can add up.


(Not all sugar alcohols are the same.) You should be fine with Xylitol.


The commonest sugar alcohols (sorbitol, malitol) seem to have around half as many calories as sugar. I assume that the part that's absorbed acts equivalently to sugar.

A piece of sugar free gum may have like 3 calories per piece. I don't think it adds up to much, even in Stu's case.


Sugar alcohols do affect blood sugar in a manner that any other carbohydrate would. The calories per gram, however, are a bit lower. Most sugar alcohols that are used in gums are anywhere between 2-3 calories of carbohydrate per gram. So if you're chewing a whole pack of orbit gum, that's 14 pieces multiplied by let's say 2.5 calories, which gives you 35 total calories of carbohydrates. That's like just over 8 grams of carbohydrates that you are consuming in a day. Not a whole lot, but if you really low carb or trying to go ketogenic, it could have an effect but I doubt it.


Are you stepping on stage in the next 12 hours? If not, It makes no fucking difference.


And they should pay you to say that.

Average Guy + Lots of Sugar Free Gum = Super Stu!