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Carbs In My Last Meal

I generally workout around 3 or 4 everyday, an hour of resistance work with 30 minutes of cardio after, I consume my post excerise meal immediately after my workout, and eat dinner around 6:30 or 7 everynight.

What do you guys think about carbs for the last meal of the day at maybe 9 or 9:30? To be more specific would say 50 grams of rolled oats with some fruit be a good idea if I’m trying to maintain my current weight.

If your cals are right, you’ll maintain weight, but why not have some protein in that meal?

Depends on how you handle carbs. I agree with the above, you need some protein in the last meal.

I mean my schedule is similar, and the John Berardi rule is eat carbs within a 6 hr window after working out. So if you workout at 4 and your last meal is before 10, then have carbs.