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Carbs In Milk?

If I was intending to follow a carb restricted diet, should I count the carbs in milk? I would have assumed the answer was yes, only I’ve read about ‘not counting’ the carbs in green veg towards your total, and I’ve never really heard of people on low carb diets having to avoid milk.

If you were to shoot for no more than 30g/day, then one pint of milk would have used up most of that allowance.

Yes you should count milk carbs. When I go low, low carb, I cut out all milk and cheese except for cream.

Why would you cut out cheese? Certain hard cheeses have <1 gram carbs, but have good amounts of both fat and protein.

As to the OP I will never understand why sooo many people say, “I know you don’t count green veggies so would I count XYZ food?” Dude is Milk a green veggie?

People on low carb diets opt for 1/2 and 1/2 or some other types of cream instead of milk. If you can fit it into your carbs for the day you can try Hood Carb Countdown Milk.

Milk causes huge spikes in insulin so I would definately count it…actually I would stay away from it on low-carb days. Not to mention a normal size glass, which is more than 1 “serving” if your glasses are anywhere like mine, so it has around 20g of sugars.

If you want to get your milk fix on low-carb diets, go with “Hood, Calorie Countdown” milk. It only has like 3-4g carbs per serving. Not quite the real thing, but surprisingly close.

And cheeses are fine. Get some block cheese from a deli, great sources of fat and protein.

[quote]TBoZ1244 wrote:
Milk causes huge spikes in insulin[/quote]

My diabetic friend says otherwise. But google agree’s with you. I guess I will go with google.

Let me rephrase, milk scores high on the insulin index.