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Carbs in Last Meal


i know alot of guys dont do carbs in the last meal but i was wonderring, if slow carbs gradually increase insulin and keep insulin higher than normal for a fairly long period then would carbs before bed increase anabolic activity(hormone/ insulin release) during sleep? i was just thinking about this cuz i saw a study recently that showed men who ate the majority of there carbs at night had higher resting metabolic rates. at least im pretty sure thats what the study said, cant really remember the specifics so dont quote me on that


there are studies that show eating the majority of carbs at night can be good. There are studies that show the oppposite there are people that spread them out throughout the day. Lots of options and all work. What is your question can yoiu eat them before bed? Is it ok? Or i am sorry if i misunderstood the post and missed it.


When you eat your calories is not as important as how many and your macro nutrient percentages. But I feel it is most beneficial to eat most of your carbs around your workout. If that is right before bed then go for it if you train at lunch last meal is probably not an optimal time to fit your carbs in.


I used to be afraid of last meal carbs. Then I just realized, that's the way to go for me. After large carb meals I get a bit sleepy, sluggish. It's not desirable during day, but it certainly is for the night.

I'm leaner with this approach. And also, more productive and energized during the day!


i was thinking carbs before bed might increase muscle growth during the night because of more insulin released but idk if it would make much of a difference in terms of muscle growth because your body already releases more igf1 when your asleep(if i remember correctly?). i was just posting to see if this made sense or if i was overlookiing something. thnx for the input, much appreciated


MOre calories than you burn and hitting yoiur macros will make you grow. Really no need to get crazy and make it too hard unless you plan on stepping on stage sometime soon.


i am planning on competing soon. i just want to gain another 5 lbs before my cut. im at 210 right now and pretty much any little extra thing i can do is worth it.


Something you might want to see, OP.