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Carbs In Eggs?


I've been doing dome studying of nutritional info lately, and have come across discrepancies. Some websites say a large egg has 1 carb some say 0 carbs. What the real answer?

Normally, I wouldn't give a shit about one carb, but I recently started the anabolic diet and I find myself eating over a dozen whole eggs a day, so this one carb/egg could actually make a difference...

Other question - Which website do you guys think has the most accurate nutritional information?


i use the fitday program it say that a large egg have 1carb


I wouldn't sweat it. If you're ocd like me then just take the one gram of carbs into your daily allowance.


I just call each of my eggs about 0.6 grams, I found that somewhere, seems to work out okay.


It's not actually one gram, but it's easier for me personally to just count each egg as one gram of protein since they're all different.


Thanks guys, I'm just going to count each egg as one, that way if miss counting a carb or two throughout the day I'll still be safe.

But what about a good, accurate website for nutritional information?


12 eggs a day???? I thought you get over the dra of cholesterol in 2 eggs? How cna that be good for you?


Dude, the "RDA" haha is bullshit, especially for those who lift weights. And even more so for somebody following the anabolic diet, get yourself a copy


Whole eggs have about .6 grams of carbs per large egg, perfect AD food. You are good to go danian1.


Agreed, most common knowledge regarding health and fitness is terribly outdated and inaccurate.

Do yourself a favor and spend some time reading around here and discover the facts for yourself.


Eat 12 eggs a day and watch your total cholesterol and LDLs go down.

(but don't just take my word for it -- see it for yourself)


Well, I've done some searching and have come to the conclusion that calorieking is the most accurate, because you can input the exact weight and, unlike other websites, it shows macro nutrient amounts to the tenth of a gram, which could be important dealing with larger amounts of food.

Anybody have a better suggestion?



This is by far the best nutritional site I have ever seen.


CalorieKing uses the USDA nutritional database plus other sources. It's good.

12 eggs a day is nothing. Try 20 plus 1 kilo of beef with 300g of white rice and 500g of vegetables a day.


This may help.


It's what I use and it's pretty helpful that it includes a lot of common food chains also if you get stuck eating out for some reason. Plus the breakdown graphs you can do can be pretty interesting to track progress. My only complaint is that it shows Total carbs and not Net carbs so keep that in mind when you look at your daily totals since our carbs and total calories will read higher than they actually are.