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Carbs & Gas


I don't usually do this, but I'm going to ask for some advice.

It's came to my attention lately that on my training days, I have a considerably larger amount of (horrid) gas.

I have noticed this over the past few weeks because I have two different types of diet days.

  1. training = high carb
  2. non-train = trace carbs

on #2 days, i might fart once...and it doesn't smell much at all.

here is my typical training day diet.

meal 1:
milk, oats, whey, flax, eggs, cinnamon (blended)

meal 2:
protein bar, almonds, blueberries

meal 3 & 4:
chicken, rice, carrots

meal 5:
whey, oats

meal 6 (around my training)
-whey & creatine

meal 7 (pwo)
ground beef
sweet potato

now, the odd thing is...i don't have gas ALL DAY. it usually happens around 2:30-3:00 and lasts into the night. this is right around the time i have my meal #5.

my first thought was a gluten sensitivity but i wanted to get the thoughts and opinions of a larger amount of people.

anyone else have this problem? got any solutions?
-i've tried taking digestive enzymes & HCl....but that didn't help out.

the farting has gotten past the "ha-ha" part for me to the point where it's fucking annoying, that's why i came here....

let me know what you think.


What meal do you have about 2-3 hours within "2:30-3pm" ?

Fiber in fruits (skins) can give this problem. But my first thought is that you should drop eggs AND milk from meal 1 and change nothing else, if you truly have exactly this feeding schedule on training day....and try this out for at least a week.


Oh, but if it lasts into the night, high chance that it's the oats, because the oats are carbs (turn to sugars, which can cause gas when consumed by gut flora) and you have them a second time toward the evening. So, start with the oats since you'd be talking about 1 variable vs 2 (eggs+milk, both of which give a lot of people gas).

Take out the oats for at least a week.


I wish I had more knowledge on this subject to give you better advice. All i can do is give you my experience. I tried wazy maize for a while and it gave me the worst gas of my life. Every day like clockwork so i had to ditch it. I took the waxy maize pre and then post workout at around 6:00am and then around noon every day I would start blowing the doors off my office and it would continue on from there. It was definitely carb based as it had everything to do with the waxy maize. When I stopped taking it, the gas went away.

From my limited knowledge I would say start exchanging your sources one at a time to see what it is. Start with maybe the oats as that is probably your big carb source in the morning. Good luck!


I second the oats. Also, the flax could be a problem too for its high fiber content. I would also drop the milk products. After getting rid of these for a week plus, add them back in one by one and see if anything changes.


Perhaps you're somewhat lactose intolerant as well.


Try some activated charcoal caps with meals.



ah shit, i wrote that all out a bit too quick this morning and forgot a few things:

1.) the milk is lactaid, i am lactose intolerant.
2.) my PWO shake DOES have waxy maize

so maybe it's the combined efforts of oats and waxy that are causing the issue. i'll have to do some experimentation in the coming training days to see WTF is up.


dude.. waxy maize gave me gas on par with eating a 10 pack from white castle. I was taking like 30 grams pre and 30 grams post or something. I can't remember. It could of been more like 50 and 50. Yours might be less if you are using less. I'd drop that crap first and go from there. I think its a scam anyway. Just cornstarch with a fancy new name.


yeah i'm taking about 60g PWO.

awesome, i'll just skip it tonight and eat food instead to see what {doesn't} happen.


How much oats? do you eat it raw? The whey may also be an issue.


i eat about 1 cup a day, split into two servings (meal 1 and 5) and yes, raw.


I know for me, grains and nuts, can be harsh on the gut. I'd try an experiment, removing them from the diet for a training day or two, and see if there is improvement.


What protein bar are you eating? Ones with sugar alcohols give me gas. Stinky gas.


Oats make me fart like no ones biz.


x2. good question... i was wondering why no one asked this sooner


I'm going to do two things in the next few weeks.

  1. replace my PWO waxy maize shake with whey and gatorade powder
  2. find a good source of gluten-free foods to switch out my oats, milk and maybe even rice with at my local wegmans.

hopefully that will allow me to continue bulking and get rid of this unpleasantness. last night was the worst, i couldn't sleep b/c my stomach was so uneasy.


Have you change whey powders recently? I'm lactose intolerant as well and I've had that before where I switch brands or they come out with a "new and improved" formula that bloats me up and makes my sharts unbearable.


nah, i've stuck with the one brand for years now. just regular bulk whey.


I know a lot of folks from this forum eat oats raw, but I think that's a bad idea. Raw grains are NOT very digestible, plus the phytates interfere with mineral absorption. If you're going to eat oats, AT LEAST soak them overnight, or slow cook them overnight, or thoroughly cook them.

Also, after I followed a low-carb diet for a long time, I had a hard time digesting carbs when I started eating them again. I had wicked gas from just little bits of carbs. It took a few weeks for my gut to adapt to processing them again.