Carbs, Gas, toilet, bed.

The subject pretty much sums up my last few days. I was doing the mass phase of the Anabolic Diet (only 75-100 carbs) then I switched it up to my version of the Get-Big Diet where I’m now eating 650 carbs. My protein intake is still high 315 and fat is at 133. Since Saturday, I’ve felt horrible. I eat, I feel bloated an hour later, I have gas, I run to the toilet, then I lay down on my bed. Once I feel better, I go eat and the process starts over. This has never been a problem with me before. In fact on the Anabolic Diet I only crapped once per day, sometimes not at all. Now I’m doing like 4-5 a day and they are not solid craps at all. This may not be a fun subject to talk about, but I need some answers to why this may be. If this continues, I have no choice but to eat different foods. Input needed ASAP!!

Get off that crappy diet!! You don’t need it. Get Steve Reeves book then you’ll see results. Remember! Nothin’ new under the sun!! Nothing at all!

Your digestive system is not used to carbs. Ease your way
back into them. I would guess you had similar digestive problems when you started low carbs/high fat?

Scott, This is normal. Your body just needs time to adjust like someone else said. I have the same problem on the anabolic diet when Saturday rolls around. I take an Amonia AD (Anti-Diarreha) (spelling) pill first thing Sat morning and another later if I need one. By Sunday I’m ok.