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carbs from fruit and veggies...

Hey guys - Im just wondering if I should be counting the carbs that I get from the fruits and vegetables that I eat? My main carb source other that fruits and veggies is oats in the morning. Im not sure why I wouldnt count the fruit and veggie carbs it just seemed to me that I didnt really need to for some reason.

You sure need to if your dieting or even if too much fat gain is a concern when on a mass program. You don’t need to be too concerned about the carbs in fiberous green veggies (ie lettuce, brocc., celery, pepper, ect.)but you might want to keep track of the fruit your eating if concerned with weight gain. The carbs and calories can add up quick if your eating a lot of fruit each day. If fat gain is not a concern than I would’nt worry about it.

yes, they are still carbohyrates, they are still 4 calories per gram, there is not reason not to count them, unless you want to be over your daily calorie intake everyday

i do, but it’s up to you i suppose. i figure if it is important enough to fire down the hatch then it is important enough to be counted. kevo

Hell yes, count the fruit/veggie carbs! You can subtract any fiber from the carb content though.

Definitely count the fruit carbs and calories…those are significant. As for the vegetables…if you’re just using a slice of tomato or lettuce here and there, it’s not a big deal, but if they are a decent part of the meal, count them too.