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Carbs for Gains?


Is it recomended to take carbs when your bulking? Or should one stick to protein


Big ol' target was just painted.




.......carbs are usually considered essential in bulking diets.......

shoot for a majority of your diet coming from protein and carbs a close second IMO..... eat clean and eat alot...


This has to be a troll post...


No - Do not take carbs! Listen to me carefully - Taking carbs is a slippery slope. At first you think, "Hey, maybe I'll take a few of these carbs." Eventually, you'll see gains and improvements in the gym.

But that's when it happens. Someone approaches you from a dark corner with a gym bag in their hand. He whispers over to you, "Hey, I heard you've been using carbs. I think I have something here that you may be interested in..."

And then he pulls out a bag of Creatines. "Here," he says, cackling quietly, "Take these, and you'll see your physique transform itself. You'll look like Sergio overnight!"

Just make sure you don't get caught with that shit, man. Watch your back when you're talking about taking Carbs.


No, for the day you take them, you will surely die.


I had a carb once and I instantly broke out in hives and had explosive diarrhea.

Worst three weeks of my life.


have you ever heard of an essential carb? HAHA, I love that line


ROFL. Not to sound like a troll but I've just started added carbs back in from <20 carbs (for about 5 months straight) to having 50-75 g around my workout from SURGE.

i cannot tell you how much i love putting one scoop of SURGE, 1 scoop of wpi, (creatine+glutamine) and a ton of ice into a blender after a workout.

...but then i get chlamydia from sitting on the toilet seat


^^ lots of misinformation in this thread. CARBS are OKAY to eat if your UNnatural (using steriods, taking creatine or using protein powders), but if your natural then STAY AWAY and just eat PROTEIN... otherwise you'll develop trisomy 21 and get down syndrome.


lol. I once ate some not from green vegetables - BAM! 10 lbs of fat gained.

Anyway....OP looks like you have some reading to do in the nutrition article library. There's a whole forum dedicated to beginers that way ---> Going there is not below you or anyone else.


I had a psychadelic hallucination that lasted about the same amount of time. When I came out of it, I found myself hovering near death. ::shudders::


Carbs? I remember those days. There was me an' Franco, Arnold, Zane and some other old timey bodybuilders and suddenly Zane would say "hey, you wanna hit the bakery?" and we were all crackin' jokes and shit and then we'd get in Franco's El Dorado and travel on down to ol' Pete's Bakery and eat some bread, a few muffins (chocolate chip was Arnold's favourite if I remember right)...

Ahhh, good times. Those were the days. You don't see that in bodybuilders no more.


Don't listen to the BS advice of these idiots here. Yes, you need carbs in a bulk. TONS of them. Eat all the cookies and chips you can, and wash it down with Kool Aid.

But the thing you want to avoid is protein! That's right, protein will slow down your carb absorption rate, and you'll hinder your progress for strength and hypertrophy. Don't worry, the carbs have a protein-sparing effect, so you'll keep all the muscle you gain.

Good luck!


OP, i hope you now feel suitable ashamed on your apparent lack of background reading prior to posting this question.

eat quality carbs and lots of them, the best sources are from buggers and childerens tears.


A guy at my gym just got busted for selling carbs. He's looking at 6 to 20 years.


I used carbs once. I went from 150 pounds socking wet to a shredded 300. But when I stopped taking them, I went back down to 150 again and my testicles shrank.


Let's say you're 180 pounds and aiming for 2400 cals.

I'm looking forward to seeing you take 600g protein a day.


ALL these posts are damn funny!

OP, seriously! I understand your new HERE, but how can you think that carbs would not be acceptable? Better yet, how could you think that one should stick to solely protein?

You have to use logic, and mostly, common sense.

I'd honestly like to know where you got this idea. Mens health? M&F? A friend? A hobo?