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Carbs for Bulking?


what carbs are best for bulking


The kind that you eat


Oats,potatoes,yams,sweet potatoes,rice. Oats is my personal favorite because you can make it any flavor you want. I never get sick of them.


Obviously anything that your stomach can handle well, and that you can eat over and over and over without losing your mind. I tend to stick to real boring stuff, mostly Oatmeal, Ezekial Bread, and Finibars (I don't count green veggies, and I eat tons of them, during prep and offseason).

On rare occasions I'll enjoy some pasta, but not with any regularity, simply because I enjoy it too much, and it's always better to avoid any temptations. If you keep your eye on your goal, instead of actually enjoying yourself it's a lot easier to maintain consistency with your diet.



How is ezekial bread? I miss peanut butter sandwiches (i haven't been eating bread for 6 months). Would not mind being able to have those again lol.


Try it with flax bread.


Ezekiel bread is actually really good. I've come to really enjoy it. I'll either have the plain or i'll toast the cinnamon raisin ezekiel and spray it with "I can't believe its not butter" spray (pre contest obviously lol)


Flax bread, yes i need to bake that more often. I used to but im going to start up on that again. I'll have to give the ezekial bread a run for when i don't have time to prepare a meal, thanks guys.


Chewable carbs throughout the day, liquid carbs during training.

Vague questions get vague answers.


for bulking, why not enjoy your pasta?


I think he's saying that he enjoys it to much and would over indulge


Some people lose sight of the GOAL for ingesting an increased amount of carbs and cals (the 'eternal bulk' -lol). I try to keep my end goal in sight, and with that in mind, obviously if I sat down and put away 2 lbs of pasta every night, I would end up having to drop 50 lbs for my next contest. Sure, the occasional binge is fine, and I certainly engage in it, but I make certain it's not my norm.



why not just measure it like everything else? but hey whatever works, and you seem to know what that is lol


Oh I do,.. at least I do when I'm not eating out,.. of course it's so easy to just keep going (I'm like this with peanut butter and cashews as well,... I just keep going until suddenly the bag is empty, or my spoon is hitting the bottom of the container -lol)