Carbs for a Cyclist

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Well here in Oz-land its almost summer time. As most of you know Im a semi pro soccer player, but this offseason(summer) I have decided to try my luck at cycling(just for fun). Im looking to take part in races 80km and under.

Anyway, my question is, Im trying to cut down on grains for carb sources, so what should I be eating for my carb source, as I will need alot of them as I start training for cycling(and Im still lifting 3 times a week aswell)?

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Even at 80 km races, you will still need to get in a lot of miles during the week to build your endurance. When I raced, I would eat all the carbs I could get in basically all day long, and still had BF in the single digits the entire time. Pastas, rice, potatoes, oats, milk, bananas, you name it. Avoiding all grains will be difficult if you want to get in the calories you need to sustain that level of training. You will need simple carbs to take with you on your rides - maltodextrin-type blends, and if you can tolerate eating solid food, fig newtons work suprisingly well and are inexpensive.

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pcdude-Thanks. But i kind of want to cut down on grains, as I feel I much better when Im not eating them. Maybe I should just eat lots of bananas and sweet potatoes all day long. I dont want to race with the pros, just a couple pf amateur races.

HoustonMan- Thanks for the link, but I will always be a part of this lifestyle. I know its most probably counter-productive to my cycling, but Im not looking to win the tour de france. I Just want to ride 3-4 times a week(2 shorter rides and 1 long ride per week), and take part in a handful of races for fun. But I will always, always lift heavy ass weight!


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No offense intended. You’ll just find a plethora of cycling advice on a cycling site. It’s ok to cheat on hobbies.

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