Carbs + Fat = ?

OK, I realize that eating carbs and fat in the same meal is not good, but can anyone tell me why?

Read John Beradi’s Massive eating part one and two, to find out why. Just use the wondeful search. Now back to dreaming of carbs.

Here’s the elementry answer: Premise #1: You need a steady intake of protein throughout the day. Considering premise #1, if you devide your total calories for the day into 6 meals your meals will be spaced approx 3 hrs apart. If you have a carb+fat w/ no protein meal, you’re going 6 hrs without protein. Your muscles will not be recovering. Therefore you MUST have protein with every meal - that’s a law. Premise #2: You cannot burn fat in the presence of elevated insulin levels. Under premise #2 A sure way to slow or stop fat burning is to get a steady stream of carbs all day long. You need carbs, but not a steady stream all day long. That’s why John says to get your protein at every meal but only take 2-3 hits of carbs during the day instead of 6-8. Taking it a step further, you could time your carbs around your workouts so your carbs are used for the energy expenditure they’re intended for (workouts) while the rest of the day your body is burning fat without the presence of carbs in your system. Yeah, this is highly simplistic explaination. It’s intended to be just that.

Do a search on t-mag under Massive Eating, part 1 explains it all in detail.

Read “Massive Eating” articles 1 and 2 by The Man, John Beradi. Man, I wish I could afford a plane ticket to Ontario this coming weekend to afford his Seminar w/ Ian King. Anyway, EVERYTHING that you need to know about that diet is in those articles and “Appetite for Construction” articles.