Carbs + Fat Minutia?

The prevailing sentiment - one to which I have subscribed and seen real results - is to have a meal be either P+C (earlier in the day or post-workout, generally speaking) or P+F (later in the day and evenings, generally).

Is it simply a matter of degree with respect to the amount of fat in the meal or “snack”? I’ll give some examples that seem to be perfectly fine food choices, yet have the dreaded C+F combo that some suggest we should avoid like the plague: Metabolic Drive bars; a post-workout burrito with guacamole added into it; peanut butter and a few bananas; etc.

Maybe I am taking the “eat clean, and avoid C+F” thing too far here. I really like that guacamole, though - not the question lingering in the back of my mind as I order it after a hard hour’s work in the gym. (and after I’ve downed my Surge and BCAA - two of the 6-7 Biotest supplements that I cannot imagine being without)