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Carbs During and After Workout?

Hello, i am taking a pre workout right now and sometimes i feel not too much energy cause i workout at 5am, so i was thinking to take a carb drink during the workout but is it too much to take another post workout carbs ?

Does your pre-workout have carbs? Ideally you would have some carbs pre-workout, say around 45 min to an hour before (oatmeal?) and then some quick carbs afterward. When I try to have them during my workout (maltodextrin or dextrose) I get stomach issues.

My preworkout is the c4 and I m taking cyclic dextrin afterward I was thinking to take cyclic dextrin during working out! Is it gonna give me better pumps or no?

Are you training fasted ? If so, carbs + EAA/BCAA could be a great mix !

Depend on your goal, if you want to gain muscle you can eat carbs after workout too

If you want to loose weight, you need to moderate carbs so it wont be a good idea to use carbs intra workout and eat more carbs after workout

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I appreciate u! I ll keep the carbs during and my post is gonna b protein with other stuff

Brad Schoenfeld had a study where one of the conclusions was that intra-workout carbs actually increase caloric expenditure, you can burn more fat with carbs during training but obviously it has to be reasonable amounts.

Mike Israetel recommends whey protein mixed with gatorade during training. Training fasted isn’t generally recommended these days because you can end up losing more muscle and there is no actual benefit assuming total calories are the same per day. If you have no choice but to train first thing in the morning then whey/gatorade would be a good idea, if you find it gross (I don’t like the idea of that) then BCAAs can work.

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I love this combination and have been doing it for years. I use unflavored protein and let the Gatorade/Powerade provide the taste. Depending on my goals, I’ll use regular, reduced carb, or zero carb Gatorade/Powerade.

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The poster is working out at 5AM - I don’t think folks should be recommending he gets up any earlier to eat a pre-workout meal! FFS!

Add the HBCD to your pre-WO (10-15g is enough). By all means stick another 10g in an intra-shake.

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Does he explain this? A rise in insulin from intra-workout carbs should effectively switch off fat burning.

Based on my own n=1 personal experience, I like carbs during training (I’m also a morning lifter), but they do not help me lose fat.

I don’t know how much the additional insulin spike plays at all. I do tend to monitor calories pretty closely when dieting, and it’s 100 - 140 calories I have to deal with. When I get pretty low on calories, it’s super helpful to be less miserable during workouts; maybe that’s the context in which it helps with caloric expenditure. That “need” shows up when I’m around 10-11 calories per pound body weight.

I think this is one of the areas of research where there is a real divergence of findings.

Again, based on n=1, I believe for fat loss, while not totally compromising performance, fasted training is optimum. I also believe there is enough research showing an enhanced mTOR response to post-workout feeding following a fast to make it a worthwhile strategy.

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I think there is probably a level of leanness/ total daily calories that matters, too. Fasted training is totally fine with me when I’m eating more. Once dinner starts getting depressing and I go to bed a little hungry, it gets distracting for me in the morning.

I don’t remember the whole explanation, something about your metabolic rate being higher with more carbs. He was talking about that on Facebook maybe a year or two ago and other fitness people like Israetel and Eric Helms were discussing it as well. If it was bad then why would Israetel recommend gatorade with whey protein during training?

A lot of this stuff about insulin is bullshit, you have to remember that. You don’t only burn fat when you are training, you burn fat by being in a caloric deficit.

I thought the consensus was that it sucks.

I’m the only one so far that has mentioned a pre-workout meal and I believe I said “Ideally you would have some carbs pre-workout”. Also, he says he “works out” at 5AM. He doesn’t say when he gets up :^ /

I think 2 days ago he mentionned that he’s using only water during a cut (or maybe EAA) and the whey/gatorade shake during gaining phase.

This is true. I’d also point out that on a fat based diet, fasted training doesn’t bother me. I assume that’s because I’m running on fat and fat is always available regardless of dietary intake.

Right now I train every other day at about 5 AM. I intermittent fast on my off days. So I have a ton of food the night before training then eat a lot more afterward. I don’t have any calories before or during and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

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i saw a study with 3 groups, 1 was drinking water intra workout only, second was drinking eaa and last one eaa + carbs. the group 3 with eaa and carbs had way better body composition results ( gaining weight and leaning ) than the 2 others groups. And way better that the group number 2 who were drinking only eaa

Do you have a link for that? I have never seen him recommend EAAs or BCAAs, he has said that those are useless as long as you get enough protein. Not having carbs during training when cutting would make sense, but people have argued otherwise as well.

That’s kind of interesting. Dietary fat is different than body fat, but it would make sense that there’s always fatty acids in your bloodstream.

I’ve never done quite as well on fat-heavy diets; it’s just harder, practically, for me to control my total calories.