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I want to get lean. When I go on a very low carb diet(40 Grams a day), I lose weight. But my muscles also look flat and I hardly get a good pump. When I go back to a reg. carb diet (1.5 to 2 grams per lb.) I gain like 10-15 lbs. and the fat around my stomach comes back, yet I can see the veins in my shoulders which I couldn’t see on the low carb diet. What the hell is goin on!!!
By the way I don’t eat refined carbs when Im carbin I eat oats, brown, rice, milk, beans, etc…

Any input and suggestion would be helpful!!!

So don’t go on a “very low carb diet”. Just reduce them to around 100. And be sure you’re getting a carby post-workout shake, yes, even when dieting down. Makes all the difference in the world. I like the modified T-dawg approach. 50 carbs after training (Biotest Surge) and then 50 the rest of the day, last meal as low carb as possible.