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Carbs: Craving & Sensitivity Correlation

Last night I was downstairs in my fraternity’s kitchen and a bag of tortilla chips screaming my name. They have to be my favorite junk food ever. However, I did not give in to its seductive call due to the fact that I am on a carb restrictive diet and it was about 11pm. Instead I had my tuna, hard-boiled egg, olive oil, and hot sauce. This was hardly a substitute for nacho chips.

Unfortunately, I am not very carb tolerant, but damn do I crave them. So as I was preparing my ever-so-tasty P+F meal, I started wondering about why I crave carbs so intensely, especially at night. Now, we all know that we shouldn’t eat carbs at night (relative term) because of the drop in insulin sensitivity. So then why the cravings at this time? Does my body want me to eat more carbs at night so that more will be readily stored for energy (fat)?

Everything that happens in our body has a mechanism behind it. What mechanism causes carb cravings?

Again my original question, is there some correlation between carb cravings and carb/insulin sensitivity?

Good question. This article will shed some light on it. It seems there is a lot of reasearch on this subject, it will be interesting to look into it more.

www.stopgettingsick.com/ templates/news_template.cfm/5701

you probably already know this, but incase you didn’t, carbs help you go to sleep and maybe when your body gets around to the sleeping time on the biological time clock it might want an aid to help. sort of like cream on pie. Just makes it all that much better. also, you’ve probably been eating carbs at night time for your whole life except recently, I know I have. OH boy does the oreo monster growl at me around 12 a.m. Almost seems worth it to fuck up my whole diet but I know it’s not. Mind over matter. Think about you’re future as a T-man.

D Rock, this has nothing to do with your real question, but I gotta tell you…one night when I was a freshman at your school I broke down and gunned about three bags of tortilla chips in Sigma Chi’s kitchen. I normally don’t like tortilla chips. What the hell is it about those things and fraternity kitchens that makes them so appealing?