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Carbs, Carbs and Carbs


Iam 43 years old, 6'0 195 lbs, about 10% bodyfat--mostly all beer. :))

I follow a high fat.mod protein, low carb diet. Most of my fat is coconut oil, eggs, and steak. I FEEL great on this plan,but LOOK better with more carbs and feel worse. I've tried adding a carb meal every 4-6 days but its not meeting my satisfaction. Due to work and my own dislike for eating every 3 hours, I adopted the higher fat diet. I can have eggs in the morning and easily not eat til 1-2 pm. I am finding the more carbs I eat the more often I have to eat. I don't like this feeling of HAVING to eat.

Also, funny thing is. I am much more defined when I DON'T eat red meat. Why is this?

I don't know, I guess I am trying to find the best scenario where I can eat the way i want to, add some carbs and lose some bodyfat without muscle.



Google Ketogenic Diet.

Lots of info on this site alone.


carbs+protein+fat @ breakfast
protein+fat @ lunch
carbs+protein+fat @ preworkout
protein+fat @ dinner



Have you tried different kinds of carbs? Or just peri workout carbs?

Have you experimented with only the variable of red meat to draw this conclusion?

wannabebig25 awesome magic trick with the meal programming.


Also look into "Carb back-loading"; the basic idea is that insulin sensitivity increases throughout the day.


Im finding that sadly I cannot go too high with carbs myself even when bulking or I get soft within a month or so. Anything over 300g a day from even clean carb sources tends to give me a soft look. I am now at about 100g a day cardio days and 150g a day on workout days. I keep them to breakfast and then pre and post lift, about 50 grams a meal. Been working just fine for gaining strength, getting lean and having energy to train, recover, function day to day.

For being 26 and mostly ecto body type, you would think I could handle higher carbs! Damn genetics!