Carbs! Cant live with them or without them!

I hate carbs, I love them! When my carbs are lowered I start to lean out, but my strength drops or never budges making working out pointless. When I eat a bit more carbs I start to round out , enjoy working out because my strength steadily improves but I stay puffy and no matter how i’m dieting nothing budges of my body.

Work out what you want to do, do you want to be lean or do you want to gain muscle mass. When your carb intake is higher do you gain a lot of fat? I dont think so. My self i only have 3 months of the year where i am on a cutting diet, and they are the 3 months before summer, the other 9 months of the year i dont care about shredding, i always eat clean, its just that who cares if you add a bit of fat. Remember losing fat is easy, gaining muscle is hard.