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Carbs + Caffeine = Bad Idea?


I recall reading a Berardi article stating that caffiene when taken with a meal containing carb really starts to hamper insulin sensitivity. I'm currently doing CT's Carb Cycling and usually have about 2 cups of green tea with breakfast, which is a P+C meal.

I also recall reading somewhere that Berardi might have changed his initial distain for caffeine in light of recent studies on the benefits of the drug. Is there an ideal time/way to consume caffiene ie/apart from a meal, with a P+F meal, etc? Anyone have any insight?


All caffiene is not the same. Belonging to a group called methylxanthines, you also have theobromine (the stuff in cocoa that poisons dogs) and theophyliine (formerly an asthma palliative).

If you take Caffeine supplement like 'Pro Plus' say 200mg its not the same as getting 200mg from say Tea (a lot of tea I might add) or 200mg from coffee. Ok so the caffeine is more or less the same, but its the way it effect you. For instance tea contains theophylline too which makes the caffeine in the tea effect you differently.


Worrying about the slight decrease in insulin sensitivity when consuming light amounts of caffeine isn't warranted in my opinion. It's part of the normal physiological response - energy expenditure goes up, energy storage goes down. If your meal is reasonable (not a box of donuts with the tea), it's nothing to be concerned about, especially if you're up and moving around right after the meal. The carbs will be used.