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Carbs, Burning, and Nausea

For the past few weeks I’ve been “sick”. I put sick in quotations because doctors don’t know whats wrong exactly and my normal doctor just told me to treat for H.Pylori as I fit the symptoms and I’ve felt a bit better since doing that but I still have some problems lingering but I feel they are related to something other than any type of bacterial infection as I know my body and I don’t feel sick at all.

The full story in a nut shell: One night I randomly woke up having a very bad anxiety attack and felt like I was going to vomit.

Let me also say I may have also been in an overtraining state at this point. I was in the midst of a very CNS intense schedule for wrestling (maxing on upper body and lower body twice a week, doing speed and agility drills, + HIIT).

Anyway, 1 xanax, 1 cup of tea, and 4 hours later I finally fell asleep. For awhile I had some bad anxiety attacks going on at night. I eventually started taking Amoxicillin/Biaxin/Prilosec combo to treat H.pylori. Anxiety calmed WAYYYY down. I get a little anxious at night still but overall feel 20x better than before.

My nausea during the day has also subsided…except when I eat carbs or veggies.

I’ve been taking 2 prilosec a day to treat the H.Pylori and to also treat a possible ulcer and have felt ok eating food like turkey, chicken, ham, olive oil, cheese etc. but when it comes to veggies and/or fruit I get a burning feeling in my upper abdomen and sometimes gas and nausea if I eat to much.

At first I thought I may be low on HCL (I came to this conclusion after reading some stuff on HCL testing and also the HCL diaries thread on here) because of the prilosec so I lowered my dose to 1 instead of 2.

What could be causing this? Am I right in thinking this is low HCL? Before I got “sick” I was always able to tolerate fruits and veggies pretty well. I had some soft stool and gas here and there but nothing this severe. When I eat proteins + fats my stood is solid, no foul smell, and I have little to no gas at all.

I’ve also dropped from 195lbs to 178 and feel pretty fatigued most of the time. I also think this has to do with the fact that I was eating 4,000 calories a day and 200-250 carbs and now I’m eating about 2,300 calories a day and about 10 carbs because of these weird symptoms and intolerances.

The doctors aren’t sure what to do in this situation and neither am I.

for you’re stool problem. Fiber Supps work. Trust me, i had basically an ANAL fissure. Then i started taking More Broccoli and More Fiber Supps. Apart from that, i have no comment.

I dont even know what an Anxiety attack is? Sorry. oh and i FART ALOT, cause i eat high Fat; from Nuts. I mean, if you wana fart with the stool that is.