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Carbs before workout supposed to make you sluggish?

There have been many posts about how eating carbs before working out will make you lethargic and block lipolysis. Well I understand the latter but I never get lethargic from eating carbs before a workout or for breakfast. I also consider myself to have poor insulin sensitivity. I used to be way overweight and have since 3 years ago lost a lot of weight. For example, I am currently on the T-dawg diet and I experimented with a carb up on my workout day and while I experienced a little sluggishness during the day it did not affect my workouts. Any thoughts?

Hey JasonL,
No sense changing anything, might as well stick with what works for YOU! Personally, my workouts are enhanced if I stick to P+F prior to working out, but that is me! IF you dont feel any adverse affects from eating P+C before you workout, then no sense in changing anything. However, you might see some changes if you do switch to P+F! NO harm in trying it for a week…right? But in the long run…if you are comfortable and happy with how you feel and if you feel your workouts are fine, then no need to change anything.

Well I don’t usually eat carbs before a workout it was just this particular day. When I am not dieting I usually eat around 20g of carbs and I have found this better than no carbs. I guess one should just stick with what works best. It’s just that my workout was a little better than normal. It must have been the extra carbs that gave me more energy.