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carbs before cardio

Despite the popular cardio on an empty stomach practice some like Skip Lacour believe that fat burning during cardio is negligable and that cardio burns fat by amping metabolic processes throughout the day instead. He suggests you take in carbs and protien before cardio as a muscle sparer. I took universal’s Hard Fast (good product) before cardio and got some great results. No less of results than what I got on an empty stomach. I would like opinions from some of you out there on this topic.

I find a P+F meal is ideal. It stops catabolism and doesn’t interfere with the fat burn. Having said that I feel it matters more that you created a calorie defecit than any metabolic processes taking effect. I don’t buy into the HIIT causing your metabolism to ramp up. I think you just burn more because of the level of intensity. Then again who cares as long as you’re keeping the fat off. Croooz

I think that the type of cardio is very important here. Usually, the “ramping up” of the metabolism is due to exercise causing damage that needs to be healed. If the cardio that you’re doing is damaging (sprints, jogging) then you’ll have an elevated metabolism and what you eat won’t matter as much. On the other hand, if your cardio is not damaging (machines, swimming, etc.), then avoiding carbs in the system is a good idea so that you can tap into fat stores.

As well, if you’re doing cardio for fitness (vs. fat loss reasons) then a carb meal before hand isn’t too bad.

JIm, Here are a few thoughts I have on the subject:

1.) Skippy is a MUTANT. What applies for him does not
necessarily apply for us mere mortals!

2.) If your goal is fat loss, then taking in carbs before
cardio is like pissing on firewood! In the past during
my summer cutting cycle, I’ve had tremendous success
with hi dose BCAA’s taken prior to exercise -10 to 20
grams. If on prolonged fast 3.5 hours or more, I’ll include
one to 2 scoops of CFM whey along with the the BCAA’s.
Result, catabolisim halted fat & burning augmented!

3.) As far as fat burning during cardio being negligible?
IMO, one has to view cardio as a cumulative effect: 20 to
45 min (HITT or traditional), performed 3 to 4 times per
week should yield a fat loss of one to 2lbs per month…
over the course of a year, you do the math.

Hope some of this helps!

Not that I have a problem with it, but you have to keep in mind that he also, more than likely, on some steroids.

By they how do know that Skip Lacour is on steriods. You are to quick to judge people.He does not gain weight every year. And he only comepetes in the natrual shows. I would have said Skip is on roids if he gain 20lbs of muscle every year but he doesn’t. I think genetically he’s a freak…

Actually, from what I’ve heard, Skip is natural, which I found hard to believe, but I think ron Harris was the one who said it was true.

 Sounds like he's trying to sell his product - hes giving you a reason to buy his product, nothing more in my opinion. Besides, according to John Berardi, loss of muscle from cardio is negligible. 

insulin is known as the anti excercise hormone, or something along those lines stick with p+f or have the meal 1.5 hours+ beforehand

I do apologize, that isn’t a fact that I know, but I’ve read different articles one of which I believe was published by Charles Poliquin in which he stated that a large % of bodybuilders are on roids. I don’t remember what the % was, but it was large.

I do agree w/ Charles Poliquin that a number of bodybuilders are on roids. But still you got to find out your source of information before you slander someone and accuse them of using roids. Apology is accepted. Just watch what you say.