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Carbs Before A Workout?

Well i’ve been doing a lot of reading and i’m starting to get my diet in gear.

My diet basically consists of grilled ground beef and chicken and maybe peanuts in the morning and then oats, pasta, rice, and protein shakes at night.

I am getting about 6 or 7 meals a day. But i’ve got a question about when to start eating carbs. I’ve read John Berardi and some stuff on this site saying i should eat my carbs after my workout. But what about at midday right before my workout? Should i get some oats in my belly or stick to eating meat?

thanks guys

If you follow the Berardi School of Thought, then you’d want your last solid meal before you workout to be a Protein & Fat meal. This is to avoid a “bonk” or drop in blood sugar just before your workout.

I’d recommend to have this P & F meal about 2-2.5 hours before your workout, then start sipping a half serving of Surge with your warm up. Follow up your session with another half serving of Surge and you’re golden.

Hope this helps!

I hate being the dick, but you should re-read all that stuff because JB goes over it many times. I think the massive eating(or was it T-Dawg? Hell you are the one that just read this stuff!) guideline is like consume all carbs(except post workout) before noon, than limit them after noon. But, to answer your question, yes(I at least) consume some carbs and protein about 45mins before workout. Oatmeal and a protein shake or somthing.

Berardi & Lowery recommend eating carbs early in the day with the exception being post workout. After your workout you should definitley ingest carbs (Surge) and then have another meal with carbs about an hour later.

I have read Berardi recommend not having carbs in the meal directly before exercising b/c you may experience a crash during your workout. I have no problem having carbs in the preworkout meal (1-2 hrs before wkout)but everybody’s different.

If your bulking eat carbs all freaking day. When I’m trying to pack on some muscle I’ll eat carbs with every meal and right up until I go to sleep.

If your trying to cut bodyfat, refrain from eating carbs in the late afternoon/evening. Stick to protein and healthy fats.

It’s pretty simple in that going carb free for a workout is catabolic. So if you’re trying to lose fat then great, if not, stick to simple carbs before/during your workout.