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carbs at night

Hi everyone,

I just started weight training for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago wanting to gain some LBM, and im very interested in all the science behind bbing, specially nutrition.
Ive being reading tons of articles and I am trying to fit JB?s Massive eating into my life, i liked it specially since im a former fat guy lookimg to gain LBM with minimum fat gains. But i have come up with a few questions.
JB says u shouldnt eat carbs at night, and i totally understand that they may be stored as fat and wont be absorbed by the muscle as efficiently.
But what if i work out at 5:00 P.M. and need to follow it at least with 2 carb meals for glycogen replenishment?
Please share your knowledge and i would appreciate any suggestions for my firt bulikng phase.



I would eat mostly protein and fat meals up until workout and then have the post workout meals consisting of protein and carbs regardless of the time you train.

Remember too, that protein/fat and protein/carb seperations isn’t something set in stone; its just a technique that might get the most bang for your nutritionally buck as far as maximizing muscle gains while minimizing the propensity to store fat. Total energy intake is still the biggest factor.

What IS extremely important is post workout nutrition and this means carbs and protein.

Even if you’re taking them in the evening, because of the anabolic window you’ve created with weight training your metabolic environment is different from an untrained state.

In short, eat them carbs post workout.

I commend you on having the good sense to do your research.
This board is a god send I wish was around when I started lifting.
It’ll save you so much wasted time, energy and money.

Post workout carbs are good, but try a refined carb if you are going to eat it at night. Something that will burn fast and will not be digesting as you sleep. That is what gets you. Traditionally, you are not supposed to eat anything at all for at least 2 hours before you sleep. That was not with BB in mind. Going against tradition, I alway eat some form of slow burning protein right before I go to bed, either steak or eggs (or both).


If you are bulking then i would recommend that you eat a P/C meal before you sleep. I have been bulking lately and i train from 6-7pm, i have a shake(surge) after training and then my 2 meals before i sleep, at 8.30pm and 11.15pm are both P/C.

I have gained 4.8lbs of lean mass in 2 weeks and bodyfat has been absolute minimal.

If ur not bulking then before bed take a P/F meal.

good luck

Great post by New Damage, Solid advice.

If you are that worried about it, JB also goes into this subject and say it depend on when you train. If you train @ night he says, as New Damage also has, that it is more important to get the carbs you need. They will do more good than bad in the PWO stae you have created.


I think ill have a pro/carb breakfast, followed by 2 pro/fat meals, work out, follow it with 2 pro/carb meals, end my day with a small pro/fat snack such as cheese for the casein, and then a small pro/fat snack in the middle of the night such as a previously hard boiled egg to prevent catabolism. This wont disturb my rest cuz i always wake up at least once to pee at night.
Do u think these meal pattern is OK?
whats better? to have more pro/carb meals or to have more pro/fat meals?
how did anyone who has followed this diet organized his meals and how many extra kcals above his maint did he ate?

Thank you all for helping,


Sounds like a solid plan you have there.

Neither is better really. It depends on what the meals consist of. The important thing is that you get the right amount of macros in for the day as a whole.

So if you can get all the different fats you need in two meals for example then the rest could be P+C or vise versa with the carbs.

Just give it a try and see how it works. Then if you have another idea after a few weeks of this give it a try for a few weeks and compare the results.

Good Luck,

Rollus, a piece of cheese before bed is not a good choice for pro+fat meal. Cheese is mostly saturated fat with little protein. The egg is also not the best choice simply because it only has about 6g protein. This is not enough protein, you would need to eat at least 4-5 eggs. Protein shakes are your easiest choice at these times.

Hi looplift,

If im on a budget and cant afford so many shakes, whats the next best thing, in the solid foods world?

Actually, on a protein by protein basis, protein powders can actually be some of your cheapest sources. Cottage cheese is another solid choice, 1/2 container contains about 30g protein.