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Carbs are Underrated


I like shitstorms.

Carbs are undderrated if you want to get huge.

Let's hear Magnus Samuelsson's opinion (skip to 2:00):

Let the games begin.


I don't think he really understands exactly why things work the way they do. He said to not buy protein made from milk, but from Whey...hmmm. That said, hes the man and one strong mofo.


Spoken for truth.

I hate the carbophobia that is always lurking. It seems like this site has the attitude towards carbs that the general public has towards fats. Both are good when used properly.

That said, I get around 350-400 grams of carbs/day.


Thank God that I ain't the only one!


Depends on goals and what your body responds to. No need for blanket statements at all.

I'm cutting, and carbs keep me fat.


I don't think there is anyone on this site that would tell you that carbs are not good for gaining muscle. That being said, Magnus is a strongman, not a lean bodybuilder. I doubt that if he wanted to cut down to single digit bodyfat that he would advise taking gainer at 10pm.


I remember watching that and when he says that he finds it hard to get enough carbs I wanted punch him in the neck.
Jeez man, come to my house and I know damn well I could eat enough pasta, potatoes and rice for the both of us.


I didn't make any measurable gains until I broke the 3500 calorie mark and 300g of carbs mark.

Now that I'm at 5k and 4-500g....I'm gaining a bunch of weight; and lifting great at the gym.

But while cutting, carbs do hold onto my weight/fat....so i don't think I'll be cutting for a while


This is so true. I think I mentioned in a previous thread that carbs themselves often are not a problem but the mismanagement of them is.

Carbs serve some pretty useful functions, especially when it comes to gaining muscle mass and performance benefits.

Even Dave Palumbo, on of the staunchest low carb advocates in bodybuilding, recommends carbohydrates for making significant muscle gains.

Carbs are much more than the bodies' preferential energy source, consuming them stimulates many processes that favourabley affect health, functioning, anabolism and performance.


I like carbs. I think most people would be surprised how much they can get away with even while cutting with enough activity.



I can't lift or perform athletically for shit with out eating carbs.

I eat them in moderation to sustain what I've found to be sufficient energy levels and I avoid sweets but I do eat pasta and breads along with fruits and vegetables.

I have experimented with lower carb intake substituted by fat increases and just didn't have the energy or experience the progress I do when eating carbs.

I felt slow, tired and just kind of out of it.


I dunno.. I think LOW carb is tough... but when you get low enough to go through a metabolic shift, and are burning ketones as fuel, you feel fine...

Most people just can't get low enough and maintain that to fall into ketosis... so they're still using carbs for fuel, but don't have enough... which is tough, and makes them tired...

It all depends on your goals though... and individual metabolism/carb sensitivity...


I've always found that I do perfectly well if the only carbs I consume are after my workout. But that's just me. I should note that that changes when I'm in season for rugby.


I perform much better on lower carbs and very high fat intake.

higher fat, lower carb is technically better for athletic performance once you get used to it.

I dont advocate cutting all carbs, I enjoy oats, and I certainly love milk.

That said I dropped to about 100 grams of carbs a day out of laziness, I dont really crave carbs, and lost about 10 pounds of fat without even decreasing my cals much.


I feel fine in ketosis, as I'm sure most people would, but I don't see why anyone would want to eat low-carb all the time when carbs are just easier to eat.

It's like those people who brag about how little sleep they get and can still function. It works, but wouldn't you rather sleep in?


I suppose... personally I find it hard to hammer them all down though.. my appetite sucks, and as soon as I'm done a meal, it's time to eat another... lol

I've lowered them a bit, and switched it up for oils, and nuts... I still hit the required calories... but with a little more fat... works well...


The majority of folks will do better an a mixed diet, containing some form of carbohydrate.

Now the true issue with carbohydrates is not so much the presence of carbohydrates, but the quality and quantity of carbohydrates consumed.

Portion sizes cannot be ignored here. The majority of layfolk simple eat too many carbohydrates - and probably less than optimal choice carbohydratres - in one sitting. Take pasta, for example. How many people typically will eat a modest portion size at a meal? Say a few tablepsoons.... not many.

People pile their plates full! Similarly, not all carbohydrates are created equal. A carbohydrate obtained from a tuber, or a soaked grain / legume, is very different from the frankenstein foods we typically come across in the supermarket.

Couple the fact that people overconsume poor quality, highly processed junk - with inactive lifetsyles - then yes, health problems and poor bodycomposition result.

However, good quality, appropriately timed foods, in the right amounts depending on individual's goals, coupled with a decent volume of high intensity exercise, results in favourable metabolic and body composition adaptations.

The quantity of carbs depends on what you want to achieve, fat loss or muscle gain.


Ya... I agree with all of that.. that makes sense... We need to eat more things in there natural state... and stop with the boxed stuff...


Yeah, natural is the way to go.

Condoms come in a box.

Is that a double pun?

I think it might be.