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Carbs are Crazy

ok so about them carbs…
are they “necessary” in building muscle? i hear about an hour before and after your workout is the right time, also in the morning. is this something you SHOULD do, or something if you WANT carbs then do it at these times. i feel like im getting more muscle yes, but fat too, and i think im just eating too many carbs.

what about a bootleg carb cycling, just more carb intake on workout days, and less on non-workout days.
simple carbs/complex carbs, when to take which ones.
and how does sugar get counted as? are we counting total carbs here? or whatevers left after sugar, fiber…

i need carb info. lol

You may want to read some of the nutritional articles on this site.

Yes, sugar is counted as part of carbs.

You’ll have to experiment with carb amount to see what works best for you.
Personally, I include carbs in probably 6 of my 7 meals a day, but I tend to handle them better than others.

There are no “essential” carbs, meaning your body is capable of producing everything it needs to survive without them. Your body is natually most insulin sensitive in the morning and after working out, which is part of why carbs are recommeded at those times.

The other reason for post-workout carbs is to halt the protein breakdown caused by your workout, which the insulin will do, but there are non-carb ways to cause that as well. Read “The New Thib Zone” in the author’s locker room, and this and many questions just like it will be answered many, many times over - he is long overdue for a FAQ!