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Carbs and Water Weight

So I have been on a very strict low carb diet, usually below 50g. Yesterday I took the day off from training as I had tweaked my wrist. I had a large breakfast and lunch(read as starchy carbs), went much over my normal carb total, and today I weighed 5 pounds more after my workout. Is this normal? And I dont look/feel “bloated”

Roughly speaking 450 grams of carbs (1 lb and about 1800 cal) if incorporated into glycogen instead of burned at the time, requires an additional 4 lb of water to be associated with it for storage.

So roughly speaking 1800 cal of extra glycogen results in weighing about 5 lb more. It’s not bloat or abnormal.

shit. no more carb days for me then during the week.

Usually a few days after a big carb-up/cheat, my weight is back down to normal (or less). I would expect yours to do the same.

Sure. All it takes is burning this glycogen, which will happen rapidly once back below caloric maintenance.