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Carbs and Testosterone

I just read an old Cy-Borg article that stated that lowering your carb intake lowers your testosterone. I was just curious how low is to low to support healthy testosterone levels. I am currently doing the Hot Rox diet plan where I am eating 1/2 gram of carbs per pound of body weight and replacing the calories with protein as it calls for. Is this okay to do or will it hurt my testosterone levels? Thanks in advance to all who apply.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

LONG TERM or chronic low carb consumption can lead to many hormonal problems but this can be eliviated with properly timed refeeds…refeeds can upregulate leptin, thyroid, T and other hormones…check out the long refeed thread.

Thanks, but when are refeeds required. I have read that they are only neccessary when you get down to say like 8% body fat. I am currenty at approxamatly 13-15%, so are refeeds required?