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Carbs and Strength


I Just recently started doing football work outs and a big problem has arisen.
It looks like I've lost about 5-10 pounds( I have actually only lost about a pound) and i'm a lot weaker than i usually am.I'm starting to think this has do do with not eating more carbs since I'm doing a lot more activity. Do carbs affect muscle size and strength? ( I look like i spent a couple weeks in a concentration camp even though I've only gone to 3 workouts)


Stay hydrated(keep piss a light yellow at darkest)
The more intensive activities you do, the more carbs you should eat. They also help keep you hydrated.
If you look like a concentration camp tenant, then you're probably super skinny already, and should already be eating more to gain more LBM.


The concentration camp thing was kind of exaggerated, lets just say that my shirts fit more loosely now.


deffo more carbs, especially around physical activities


If you really feel that your shirts are fitting differently after only 3 workouts, the most likely culprits are either: a) psychological and/or b) hydration related. Probably a combination of the two.