Carbs and Gas

I know this question might sound stupid, but I need an answer anyway. I’m on the fat fast diet for 19 days now and I intend to complete a 45 days cycle. After that, I will be on the anabolic Diet for the rest of the summer (cyclic keto diet). Unfortunately, when I eat lots of carbs on weekends, I have gases like you wouldn’t believe. I swear to god I fart every 15 seconds, and not little weenie farts… the kind of noise that can be compared advantageously to the male elephant mating call. I also have a new girlfriend, and you know… SO… do anybody know a product that can temper or eliminate gases caused by excessive carbs?

I think farting is a great way to entertain her. Get her under the covers to blow you, rip one then hold her down there. Watch for teeth. Otherwise, try Beano. You can finds it a Eckerd Drugs.

I feel for you. I am in the same boat. My wife hates it when I carb up.

Beano hey? Anything else? This is serious man! The chick’s ASIAN!!!

What, do asian’s hate farts more than the rest of the population or something?

Asians are very polite and prude people, and I don’t think she will enjoy my non-stop, can’t-stop farts every 10 seconds. If only they were no-noise and no-smell…

You could also try an anti-gas product. Maximum strength brands usually have 166mg of Simethicone, but some may even go to 180mg. The recommeded dosages are no more than three caps/day, so you could just spread them out with your meals and see if it helps.