Carbs and Energy Systems Work

Hey Coach, quick question on pre-workout carbs.

I’ve been doing your Fat-Loss program from Thib Army. I know it’s not optimal, but I train at 5:30 AM. I have a serving of Plazma before the lifting days, and another intra-workout. For the energy systems work days, I had been taking Mag-10 before.

After reading some recent threads, I’m thinking that’s probably not enough to stave off high levels of cortisol, especially from training in the morning. Should I take some Plazma before the ESW or eat some fruit, etc?

I train at 6… I actually believe that if you can handle it, early morning workouts are the best. Cortisol is elevated anyway during the morning. So training in the morning allows you to maintain a normal cortisol/testosterone cycle

You need 25g of carbs to prevent excessive cortisol release. So MAG-10 + 1 orange will be perfect.

Outstanding! Thanks coach.

BTW I mentioned oranges because the vitamin C can also lower cortisol

isn’t that in like supplemental doses though? i.e. 1-1.5 grams

hi coach, I am doing same programme and was told on your facebook chat not to have pineapple before energy system work. Is it only necessary for early morning training to have carbs?( I train in the afternoon).

thanks in advance

Sure, but even doses from oranges, mixed with the carbs can help. Even if that is just 1-2% it’s worth it.

It’s because you train in the afternoon and thus already had meals (so you were not fasted). He is training at 5:30am and close to being in a fasted state. AND cortisol is naturally higher in the morning. Not the same situation at all.

awesome! thanks for the reply CT