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Carbs And Bulking?


I generally read on this site that one should not consume carbs and fat in the same meal and save most of their carbs for a recovery shake like Surge and for another post-workout meal afterwards. But should I be worried about this if I am just trying to put on as much mass as possible during a bulking phase or should I just be worried with eating as many solid meals as possible? Thanks in advance.


I think you answered your own question. If you are just trying to gain as much mass as possible... eat as much as possible! It's pretty simple. If your only goal is weight gain (or even strength gain), candy bars and soda are your friends.


Why would you just want to put on a bunch of fat? There is a distinct difference between 'bulking' and 'just gaining weight' in terms of building your body.

So, yes--carbs are your friend when trying to bulk, but no--not all carbs are created equal. Unless you are bulking at 300+ lbs. you should be able to eat reasonably good foods and reach your weight gain goals with a reasonably decent ratio of lbm:fat gain.

Stick with brown grains(real), oatmeal, potatoes---and try to stay away from the more processed type.


Candy bars and soda are your friends? WTF?


I think he is talking about if you are JUST trying to gain weight without respect to fat:LBM ratio.

Soda and candy bars are obviously not ideal, but if you only goal is to gain as much weight as possible, they certainly are calorically dense and will help you eat an excess of calories.


I don't think candy bars are your friends period. If you took two guys who were bulking and one ate nothing but junk food and the other ate nothing but clean food the one eating junk food would probably gain much more fat than the one eating clean.I've seen it with my own eyes.Eat clean,no matter what your goals are.


What if it's to gain fat, then what bozo the freakin' clown!

Chris "Talk-a-lot" Adams


Then go ahead.Gain all the fat you want.Go eat all the trans fat filled candy bars you want.Look forward to that heart attack at 35.


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