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Carbs and Bloating?


I've been following a fairly low carb diet for the last few weeks; eg. carbs coming from fruit & veg only except oats after cardio and obviously a little coming from milk and natural yogurt. I've felt fine until the last couple of days where I've increased my carbs; I've included pasta and potatoes which I don't usually eat. I've felt bloated and incredibly uncomfortable the last 2 days. Do you think this is a result of the carbs?

I've had a look on the internet but all I can find is atkins advocates and I tend to ignore those gung-ho diet fanatics! Has anybody else noticed this or do you think it's probably caused by other factors that I haven't considered? Thanks!


You're not really getting bloated.
You're just eating more carbs which will make you hold a little more water.


Yes you went from very low GI/II carbs and minimal at thjat to HIGH simple carbs slowly reintorduce thing its bound to make a difference and yes for all that glycogen you are storing water comes along with it 3/1 per gram..

Thats not bad hydration is not a bad thing and many times the low carb dietas give ppl a flase sense of less fat due to low glycogen and the stored water. come back to a mixed diet and you see whats really up.



No, I don't mean I look bloated or whatever, I feel like I have a huge bubble of air beneath my ribcage which hasn't disappeared in 2 days. I feel sick!


It's really hard to get any idea of what might be going on based on your post.

Large dietary shifts can cause your body to "complain" a bit... but at the same time, who knows. It could simply be some acid reflux or something for all anyone can tell.

Did you eat a lot more than usual as well?


Same thing happened to me when I came off the Velocity Diet. For a while, carbs, esp sugars, would make me feel bloated. After a week or two of eating carbs, it went away. You could eat some yogurt too to promote some GI health.


Your not used to those foods it will; take time for the body to adjust much like Dave Tate he would actually get physically ILL eating clean when he made the change. Takes time to adjust.