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Carbs and Being Hungry


if this has been asked/answered before I apologise,

basically, im currently in a cutting phase, my bodyfat blew out to about 18% due to work commitments etc.

I am aiming for about 11-13%, so I look and feel shredded (just a personal goal)

The lowest I have been a few years ago was about 12-13%,

I am currently dieting quite well (well what I perceive to be good)

basically, 4-5 small meals per day including shakes,
training 6 days per week,
5 days cardio, 30mins each on treadmill at fast walking pace,

ive lost about 5kg out of the 7kg that I am aiming for in about 6 weeks,

Like a few years ago, I am finding that I am always hungry if I dont eat any bread/rice/pasta etc.

eg for dinner tonight, I had a 300g steak with salad and veg at a restaurant, ended up finishing 40% of my friends 300g steak

30 mins later I get home, and Ive already had a banana, a left over salmon salad and im still scavanging for food,

this happens most nights of the week,

why is it that if I have a bowl of pasta im quite content for the rest of the night, but yet 400g+ of steak + salad+veg, and it doesn't feel full

is it a mental thing?

I am only having one bread/rice/pasta meal per week at the moment

any feedback appreciated


Yer Im the same bro.
I once tried low carb diet and it didnt stick. Looks like you do lots of volume with trainign 6 times a week and cardio 5 times a week... so really I wouldnt bother with low carb in your case. Just make sure you get lots of protein with your moderate carb intake.



How many calories a day? Any idea of macro breakdown?
How does this compare to the pre-cut diet?


Interesting. I can think of two conflicting thoughts on carbs affecting your hunger levels..

1-You're used to the fiber content (and increased water uptake) from having a carb based diet, and as such, you feel empty.

2-Some people (obviously not you -lol) find that after a couple of days without high carb levels, they feel less hungry, Without the carb intake causing your insulin levels to fluctuate, your blood sugar levels remains steadier throughout the day. Couple that with the fullness often associated with higher protein and fat content foods, and you can see why people can sing the praises of low-carb diets.

Again, both arguments contradict, so it's always going to be an individual thing as to how your body reacts to different macro breakdowns in your diet.



I'm not an expert but in testing out diets for myself I've noticed that I do much better on a high(er) carb diet and lower fat. My hunger stays under control and I have no problem losing fat. I think as Stu mentioned it's a very individual thing. Try having some leaner steak and a baked potato for dinner instead of the low carb route and see if that changes things up. Just keep in mind that if you increase the carbs you need to remove some of the calories from the fat intake.