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Carbs Against Cardio

[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
because it gets too complicated for most people’s brains. When I start talking about macros, and hormone responses, peoples’ eyes typically glaze over.


have you a thread of this mighty stu?

[quote]Stronghold wrote:

[quote]Chalky09Aus wrote:

Sounds like the type of thing i’d expect from the FDA. So one could pose that he is merely fighting fire with fire.

Anyhow, i’d rather trust a book from an alternative source that isn’t being funded by the biggest companies on the planet than government propaganda to eat corn and bread 5 times a day.

So, you’d take blatant misinformation distributed by the private sector over blatant misinformation distributed by the public sector?

You’d rather trust a book that has been shown to be filled with weak science and lies being marketed by someone trying to make money off of that book on the basis that he is being controversial and disagreeing with the status quo, NOT because he is accurate or even close to it?

Taubes is a hack. Your apologism is pathetic.[/quote]

There is no differentiation between private and public. Public ‘sector’ is all run by privates anyway. It’s a matter of pick your poisen. Never said I was going to follow the guy into the gates of hell, but I’d be more inclined to consider this books case than a lot of other rubbish.

[quote]spyoptic wrote:
have you a thread of this mighty stu?[/quote]

I don’t have a thread to refer to,… but in simple terms: different macros will have different effects once they’re ingested. This is in the most basic, basic terms why you can’t just “eat less calories” and reach your physique goals. The example I always give people, is in reference to the thermic effect of eating a high protein diet. Your body has to work a bit harder to actually digest protein (someone can chime in with the actual science if you’d like), so even if you think you just ate 100 cals worth of protein, your body will only get … say 80 cals (I’m guessing here!). This is why you hear so many bodybuilders talk about how you can’t (or at least it’s damn difficult) to get fat by overeating protein. Another concept is the satiety effect of eating fats. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a low calorie day, and in avoidance of excessive carb intake, I buffer my protein meals with healthy fats (salmon, peanut butter, whole eggs), instead of just eating pure, lean protein meals with veggies (although I do rely on the veggies quite a bit during contest preps).

Hope that at least explains a bit.