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I have hear that club soda is recommended to go along with power drive because the carbonation helps with absorbtion. I drink quite a bit of club soda with my regular meals cuz I get sick of the taste of water but don’t want to drink anything like soda. Is this okay or does it interefere or maybe even benefit in the absorption of my meals?

Don’t sweat it, the pH changes done by club soda are fairly insignificant compared to the food. It’s only when there isn’t much food where it makes a difference.

I’m like you, I use club soda as a treat - some people don’t like it, but I sure do. But I have it on good authority from all my friends that liking club soda makes us “freaks”.

I just prefer to have somehting else than regular water with my meals, it just makes things taste better. As long as it doesn’t effect my nutrient uptake I’ll keep drinking it.

I have read that carbonation can lead to dehydration. It may cause GI distress which may inhibit fluid absorption. Anyone else heard this? Another reason is that it will give you that full, bloated feeling, which will limit the quantity of fluids that you take in. Probably O.K. with a meal, but not when working out.

I read an article a long time ago from the late Dan Duchaine in which he stated that carbonation speeds up gastric emptying. This would mean that food would pass through the gut and into the intestinal tract faster, thus speeding up absorption. This might be why you can get drunk faster with a Jack-N-Coke than with a screwdriver.