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Carbonated Drinks?


Does carbonating a drink make it bad for you? I don't mean soda, but kombucha tea, sparkling water, sparkling juice, etc.


Let me flip this around and pose the question to you.

How could carbonated tea or water be "bad" for you?

Juice or calorie-containing drinks are, arguably, a different issue.


I guess I'm asking if drinking carbon dioxide (via a beverage) is bad for you?


No. You produce way more carbon dioxide than that anyway, your stomach is way more acidic than that anyway and your body is designed to get rid of carbon dioxide very efficiently. You simply breathe it out. So no, it's not bad for you.


Yea bubblea are really bad for you don't drink them.


i heard some suggestion there might be a prboblem, too... but probably not.

people wondering about whether they could live off sparkling water instead of still.

possibly teeth problems?

probably not.


I think teeth problems are more because people drink soda which has high amounts of sugar and is also acidic. But any drink that fits those two can do he same without the carbonation.


My grandma is nearly 80 years old, lives on her own, and drinks pop sometimes.


Impossible. Do you have a citation for that?


I suggest some tomfoolery with regard to the validity of the birth certificate.


Ya and we'll also need a thorough blood work done to analyze the rest of her diet and soda intake