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Carbonated Drinks Question

I have heard that carbonated drinks cause bloating. Especially around the mid-section. I tryed searching the site for some info but came up empty handed.
Just hoping someone knows more about this. I drink a lot of diet soda.

Speaking in general, carbonated beverages cause bloating, especially when drinking a significant quantity at once, but this result is temporary.

Speaking more specificly, of diet sodas, I have heard anecdotal reports in regards to the artificial sweeteners in them somehow causing fat gain or at least stopping fat loss that would otherwise be expected from the calorie cut. I either have not heard or cannot remember what this was attributed to in the soda beyound something to do with the nature of the artificial sweetener slowing metabolism. It could be something as simple as the fact that most that drink alot of diet sodas(NOT saying this is you) would be drinking them instead of the neccesary water throughout the day.

To be on the safe side as far as this goes, and because of the questionable health surrounding some of the chemicals they use for sweetening, I would switch to a brand that uses Splenda if you want diet soda. Diet Rite(by RC) and Weight Watchers, both are Splenda flavoured brands.

Gracias Moon Knight.

I must say, diet drinks can help in that last miniute contest prep. Drinke nothing but diet coke for 5 days prior to a show before dropping your fluids. The diuretic effect is tremendous. Bear in mind that this is far from a healthy practice, but can help achive the last minute “dry” look, when timed right.

There is alos the impact the sodas have on your teeth. Like pouring ACID on them.

LL had a recent tip or blog about this.

Worth mention I think.


You don’t know how close to home that hits Phil.

When I was about 15 or 16, my dentist told me to cut down on the soda because it was eating away at the naturally weak enamel I have on my teeth. I knew I couldn’t cut down, so, I cut it out all the way.

Until that point, I had been drinking about 2 liters of soda a day easily. I’ll tell you, my eating was HORRIBLE until about two years ago. Then it improved though still wasn’t great, and I didn’t really nail down good healthy patterns until about a year ago.

I’m STILL feeling the effects of all of those years though… getting off the last pounds, dealing with the acne, building my muscle and heart up from near nothing.

Had to stop myself from hijacking the thread to give my life story :slight_smile: