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Carbon Tax In France


I just thought this was funny. I wonder if he knows what he's implying.

Here are my favorite quotes and why:

-"France will begin taxing carbon dioxide emissions by both households and companies starting next year in the hope that consumers and producers gradually shift to more environmentally-friendly goods."

Not a bad premise, but wait, what does he say next?

-"We cannot keep on taxing labor, taxing capital and ignore taxes on pollution," he said.

So, with his logic, by taxing carbon emissions he hopes to steer consumers and businesses towards a more "greener" approach. He then proceeds to use the example of taxing labor (income) and capital thus implying that he wishes to steer people away from working, too.

What a dunce. I know that's not what he meant btw, I just thought it was funny the way he put it.


I would be willing to bet that there will be a strike of all time with this one here. Those people strike like there is no tomorrow, and they don't fuck around when they do it.


That may not be what he meant, but that is generally the consequences of such taxes.


Very true. Despite their military defeats, the French have a nasty rep for protest. None of that peaceful shit, they burn the fucking world down when they get pissed.


They have gone on strike for lesser things. I was in Paris when there was a strike, they shut the whole country down. No buses, trains, no transportation, they are very efficient at it. Italy too is very good at it.


France is not America.
there will be no strike. People from there are happy to pay for other people with their universal health care. They have alot of taxes but they live well

Also they are much more enviromentally inclined


I have seen them strike for lesser things.


Man, is there some sort of HTML tag for stupid?

For example, you type [stupid]France carbon tax protest[/stupid] and hit "submit" and out comes:

I say this because I have honestly not seen you make a single intelligent post on this board.



wow I am so insulted.

It is obvious that you don't know what you are talking about. I come from french ancestors, my native language is french, I grew up reading all kind of stuff from france, etc. I know more about this culture than you english people because I am partially in it.
If they go on a strike it is for social program,not for tax reduction, like it or not.

so -honestly- you better calm down


I know plenty of people who speak English and come from English ancestors and are still complete idiots when it comes to anything...whether it has to do with England or otherwise.


The majority is opposed to the tax. But Sarkozy doesn't give a flying duck about that.

The French will usually strike over social issues. This hardly qualifies as one. Not saying they won't, just that it's not a given.




But i do admire those Frenchies. It's almost like they are involved in their government or something. Could Americans take a cue? Crazy i know, but could they?


Yes they could, and sometimes I wish they would. In France, and most of Europe for that matter, the people have their government by the balls, because the people are so effective at shutting shit down. It is a systematic shut down of the city infrastructure, and it works. I don't like the idea that it needs to be done, but the truth is that sometimes it just needs to be done. Because the government will TRY, they will always TRY to pull some shit on people.